CNC Wire Bend Machine

  • 8 Axis 3D CNC Wire Bend Machine
8 Axis 3D CNC Wire Bend Machine

8 Axis 3D CNC Wire Bend Machine

  • 8 Axis
  • CNC Type
  • 3D Wire Bend Machine
  • Product description: Sunjoy 3D CNC Wire Bend Machine

Functions and Features:

1.This machine is for 7 axis gearing design, set up spring with high speed, accuracy and stability.

2.AdoptsTaiwans computer control system and equipped with servo motor imported fromJapan.

3.Wire feed with the function of rotary wire, so it is easy to adjust.

4.Computer interface displayed in Chinese and English which makes the operation easy.

5.It is suitable for producing different kinds of wire bending, the forming of different products.

Item Parameters
Model Number SJBW-880CNC
Max. Wire Feed Speed 60m/Min
Axis Quantity 8
Wire Diameter Soft Wire: Φ2.0-Φ8.0mm; Rigid Wire:Φ2.0-Φ6.0mm
Total Power 17.1Kw
Wire Feed Servo Motor 3.8Kw
Rotary Wire Servo Motor 3.8Kw
Cutter Servo Motor 2.0Kw
Bending Servo Motor 1.5Kw*2PCS
Lift&Tray Servo Motor 1.5Kw*2PCS
Bending Head & Body Distance 700mm
Power 380V 50Hz
Size(appro.) 3000*1850*1750mm
Net weight 2800KGS




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